One in a Million: Day of Exploration, Part II

By Whitney Reed

TPC’s summer 21012 program ended on Saturday, July 21.


So, previously on the blog we heard about the sightseeing and daytime fun. Part 2 explores the mind-tingling dramas and philosophies of the college intern facing a mid-life crisis.

Just kidding, I wouldn’t do that to you guys! After recovering from our day of touring, we headed out for dinner and some fun. We had completely invested ourselves in the course and the internships, but truth be told, it’s important to just relax and enjoy each other’s company once in a while.

The gang and I headed out to Chili’s. I’d never been there before, it sounded kind of interesting, and it had always looked fun on The Office. It was pretty easy to find, actually, and right before crossing the street to its neon glow, Brittany decided she wanted a photo of all of us. We looked around and spotted two nice looking older ladies and asked them if they would mind taking a few photos of us. To which they replied, they were a little tipsy from the wine they’d had (they were just leaving their bridge club meeting), but they would give it their best effort to take a steady picture or two. We chatted with them afterwards; sometimes I think it’s good to do that. They were friendly and it was good to talk to some other out-of-towners.

We thanked them and turned to cross the street when we heard something. Lo and behold, it was my other roommate and some more TPC’ers on their way back from a night sightseeing tour (which I’m told is totally worth the money). They ended up joining us for dinner and it worked out great. We all split meals (and most importantly—the bill) and just had a good dinner and conversation about the whole experience. We all talked about what we were going to try to do after college (I’m just after the job, wherever it takes me), our internships (really sad to be leaving them for the most part), and just really funny stories of things that had happened (like me almost falling when I stepped out of my shoe going down the subway steps). Our waiter graciously took some photos for us and they’re some of my favorite photos from this whole excursion.

It’s kind of crazy, but it was a million-to-one chance that we would decide we wanted a photo on that corner and that we would spend a few minute talking to the little old ladies and that the other TPC-ers would happen to take that route home. If we had just done one tiny little thing differently, we wouldn’t have met up with them. And that would have been a shame, because we did end up having such a great time.

I know that it’s really sad to think that I will in all probability never see most of these people again, but I guess the point is that we all had such a great time here and we’ll always have our crazy photos to remember our Philly summer.

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